26 thoughts on “18v Electric Minimoto

  1. Nice use of the helmet for the kid on the Kart. My son has one of these and uses a full motorcycle helmet. If he hits a car or sign at 25mph+ he’s going to get seriously hurt. Nice watching the other kids as they pass in front of and around the kart too.

  2. how did you getone for $600 i paid 900 for mine but it was still worth every dollar, my wife is about 145 and she rides it all the time when we go camping we dont need ot amp it ulp as u said it works fine for us maybe too fine for our son haha

  3. I have on if your over 5.5′ your to big it goes 18 on normal 10 on training breaks easy better to buy and then amp it up

  4. i have one for $600 but when i got it.. the front fairing fell off right away.. its junk.. the battery last for 30-45 minutes and the electric motor is to slow.. it only goes 15-18 so i putting in a gas engine in it 🙂

  5. i’m really considering buying 1 of these, but i have a few questions.
    WAS IT RUNNING AT THE TOP SPEED IN THIS VIDEO? because i think there’s 2 speeds. Thanks, santiago

  6. big ups, but you need to promote rider saftey…

    or atleast tell the girl on the bike to get the eff out of the way!

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